GEP project to students of 2nd ESO

Today the teachers who participated in the GEP project (Grup d’experimentació plurilingüista) have presented their FINAL
PRODUCT of their chosen unit in their corresponding subjects at the EOI (Official School of Languages in Lleida).

All the projects had a driving question, such as:
– What if there wasn’t any colour in the world?
– How can you make geometry become art?
– How electricity dependent we are.
– How can we reduce electricity consumption at home?
And in all the cases, there was a final product: a color wheel and group presentation, a mosaic, a mind map, more
presentations and different videos.

We introduced a debat about the same subject to the students (they explained the current electricity consumption and
persuaded them to reduce the power consumption) due to the interest that has caused.

Maite, Miquel Angel i Sílvia